10 Health and Wellness Business Ideas for 2023

The world of health and wellness is a booming industry, and new businesses are popping up every day to capitalize on this growing market. If you're looking to get involved in this industry, here are some great ideas:


 alternative medicine business ideas

Alternative Healer

Starting an alternative healing business doesn't have to be daunting. You can begin by offering a single service (reiki, energy healing, homeopathy, reflexology, etc.) and expand your offer as your business grows.

Because of the focus on your whole body and holistic approach to health, alternative treatments are more personal and unique - clients are willing to pay more for bespoke treatments. Alternative healing is often seen as more compatible with the patients' values, worldview, or beliefs regarding the nature and meaning of health so you get to serve like-minded people and communities. You can offer many different services - alternative healing includes areas such as chiropractic & osteopathic medicine; Ayurvedic medicine; Homeopathy etc. Interest in holistic practices is growing at an astonishing rate so becoming a Holistic Therapist can be both personally & financially rewarding.



personal trainer business ideas

Personal Trainer

There are many options to start your personal training business. It is often highly affordable as no big up-front purchases are needed.

Personal Trainers have the flexibility to work with clients at home or in a gym, and can achieve a better work-life balance by offering remote coaching sessions via dedicated apps. They can also develop a niche and position themselves as an expert in their field by focusing on one particular area of fitness, like posture correction or building muscle mass.



mental health business ideas

Mental Health Professional

If you are an empathetic, caring person who wants to help others, starting a mental health practice can be very rewarding both personally and financially.

It’s no secret that the cost of therapy is rising and it’s now more expensive than ever before. You can even offer a whole range of complementary products such as e-books, courses, and podcasts to grow your client base and generate passive income.




 dietician business ideas

Nutritionist and Diet Coach

A Nutritionist or Diet Coach is someone who helps people to lose weight, gain weight or maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI). Unlike a Personal Trainer who focuses on exercise and nutrition for the body, a dietitian specializes in food science. This means they can prescribe diets depending on an individual’s lifestyle and medical history.

Whilst there are many requirements to become a dietitian including studying at university and passing exams, becoming a Nutritionist is often more affordable since no big up-front purchases are needed – instead, you can work in food sciences with fewer requirements than becoming one! No two working days are ever the same so this profession is ideal if you love meeting new people!




herbalist business ideas 


As interest in holistic and alternative medicine increases, demand for complementary and alternative herbalists will continue to increase. The American Herbalists Guild notes up to $120,000/year in possible earnings for herbalists, depending on their area of practice and their individual successes.

There are a lot of opportunities for herbalists to offer their skills via writing, online consultations and social media especially now when online herbal interests are booming - so you should consider these options too if you want more freedom from your business than just running it from home!

You can also expand your business by offering bespoke herbal products for sale or running courses and workshops both online and in-person.




 acupuncturist business logo


Acupuncturists are in high demand. The health care industry has become more holistic, and people are seeking holistic treatments for chronic pain and other issues. This means that the market for Acupuncture services is growing by leaps and bounds every year. If you choose this particular business model, there will be plenty of people who would like to see an acupuncturist in their community! You can also work out of a local acupuncture clinic if there is one in your area.

As an acupuncturist, you will be working with patients who have a wide range of health conditions from serious diseases such as cancer to minor ailments such as headaches or belly pains (and everything in between). Because patients come from all walks of life—and because each person's body is unique—your job requires that you treat everyone differently based on their needs rather than simply following some preset routine for everyone that walks through your door.




wellness retreat business ideas 

Wellness Retreat Planner

Wellness retreats are gaining popularity, attracting mostly high-value clients who desire a more luxurious experience. By providing a niche for your business, you can better connect with your target audience and help them unwind, relax and learn new skills. You also get to travel and meet like-minded people doing the same thing as you!




iv drip therapist business ideas 

IV Drip Therapist

IV hydration or vitamin drips therapy is a growing trend. You can also offer IV drips for relaxation, weight loss, and immunity boosting. Add these services to your business and expand your offer to cater to various niches. Some companies even offer a training program to become an iv hydration therapist! You could also offer a mobile service and go to clients’ homes or offices to provide the treatment. If you want something different, try offering other services like body composition analysis (BCA) or a body fat scan that uses infrared light waves instead of X-rays so it's safer than regular BCA machines commonly used in hospitals today!




 senior health and wellness business ideas

Senior Health and Wellness Professional

As the largest generation in America, seniors are an important and growing market for wellness services. They are more likely to have chronic health issues and have the time and money to seek out wellness services. This makes them a great customer base for your business, as you can offer treatments that cater specifically to their needs.

You can also look at other segments like millennials who are just starting their career or families with young children who need help getting on track with their health goals.




 hypnotherapist business ideas


If you're looking to start your own business in the wellness industry, becoming a certified hypnotherapist might be a good option. The field is growing rapidly: over 500,000 people in the U.S. are certified as hypnotherapists, up from only 2% of that number in 2009.

The average salary for an individual who practices hypnotherapy is $75k per year, but some therapists earn upwards of $402k per year. Most therapists work independently and set their own hours (i.e., you don't have to work nights or weekends). You can also find jobs at hospitals or other medical institutions which provide these services to patients on-site.




How to start...

The health and wellness industry is booming, and there are plenty of opportunities for new entrepreneurs to get in on the action. If you’re looking for an alternative healer, personal trainer or nutritionist, these ideas may be worth exploring. It’s also important to remember that some of these businesses can be started from home as long as you have enough space and equipment—which means less upfront costs!

Once you have qualified in your desired profession, it's a good idea to write a solid business plan and start with a business branding. A good logo and brand design is essential to any startup or if you're looking to refresh your business. Explore over 400 wellness and health logo designs in our shop or have a look at some inspiring brand moodboards our clients fell in love with. 



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