Ashleigh revamps her e-commerce jewelry store!

Ashleigh came to us looking for help with her successful e-commerce store. She already had a website hosted on Squarespace but felt it was lacking some crucial features and needed a refresh. As her business grew, the old store was no longer reflecting her brand personality and so it was time to upgrade!


We went with Shopify platform to accommodate various new features and at the same time to make sure the admin is easy to manage and navigate around so that she is able to update her store quickly and easily.

Fosterie’s focused on sustainable, community-supporting products. The new design had to reflect all those values and be easy to browse on all devices.

We incorporate some great features, including a newsletter pop-up, out of stock product notifications and a Shop Instagram page where buyers can purchase products by viewing Fosterie’s Instagram posts!


Aside from great functionality, the store looks visually stunning - without being overwhelming. There are subtle hints of gold in custom frames and little icons, and very delicate watercolor washes incorporated across the site, for a more “handmade" and “artisan” look.

The idea behind Fosterie’s new website was to create a calming, inspiring place to shop and also to support a great cause.


Fosterie have been so successful, one of their products is now available via Causebox and if you’re looking for a unique piece of jewellery or some artisan accessories, make sure to check them out at



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