10 Best Logo Designs for Nutritionists and Dieticians

The logo of a nutritionist or dietician can be powerful when it comes to creating a professional brand.  It is worth considering your audience and communicating the right message with your new branding.  This can be done through your color choices and even the type of font you use in your logo.  Below are our best 10 logo designs for nutritionists and dieticians. Notice what makes them unique as well as how they communicate their core message to their audience through their design.

1. Watercolor Leaf Logo Design

Nutritionist Dietician Logo DesignNutrition and health logo design


if you are wanting to communicate a clean-eating or healthy lifestyle message then your logo should reflect those things. You may want to consider using organic elements in your logo design. A green leaf logo element symbolizes renewal, and revival and growth which all connect to healthy eating and wellbeing of your clients. Watercolor and gold accents make the design more personal yet still modern, reflecting personal approach of a diet coach, dietician or nutritionist. 

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2. Silhouette Leaf and Circle Logo Design

 wellness nutrition gold green logodiet coach branding design nutritionist logo


This striking green and teal wellness logo design would make a perfect brand asset if you're looking for a memorable and artisan look. Featuring a brush circle symbolizing balance, a green leaf motif for growth and a gold happy silhouette of a person. Why use a leaf element? 

One of the most popular ways that you can communicate your message is through the use of organic elements in your logo design. Organic elements are things found in nature, such as trees and plants. These types of visuals help to communicate a healthy lifestyle message.

A combitation of dark green background and metallic gold effect with a signature font would suit any nutritionist or dietician looking for a bold branding design, symbolizing quality and professionalism. 

Purchase the Silhouette Leaf and Circle Logo Design here (transparent background included).



3. Monogram Fruit and Leaves Logo Design


Dietician Nutritionist Logo Designnutritionist business card branding

Fancy a logo that's a bit quirky, yet still professional? The above design may be exactly what you're looking for! A gold monogram with decorative swash lines and some illustrated fruit and leaves for clever, nutritious accents. To balance the design, I recommend a clean, professional font such as the combination of sans typefaces pictured in the example. This nutrition logo design is fun and playful enough to create a friendly looking brand, without being cheesy or messy. 

Purchase the Monogram Fruit and Leaves Logo Design here. 

4. Teal Watercolor Circle Logo Design


Wellness Nutrition Logo Designnutritionist branding design with teal watercolor logo


Incorporating clean-eating or healthy lifestyle suggestions into a logo can reinforce your company's message.

For example, if you are wanting to communicate a healthy diet focus then your logo should reflect those things. You don't have to include literal representations of diet elements such as scales or food. In fact, my favourite logo designs are the ones with abstract motifs, such as the one pictured above. A brush enso circle logo in teal watercolor with gold stroke elements and a signature script font creates a logo design that is clean, balanced and full of harmony. 

If you are a nutritionist / dietician / diet coach, etc. looking to expand your business in the future, an abstract logo may be the perfect choice for your brand!

Get the Teal Watercolor Circle Logo here. 

5. Green Lotus Growth Logo Design

 green lotus wellness logo designGreen Lotus Wellness Health Logo Design

A graphic that represents happiness and growth will make your brand more memorable and fun! This simple lotus logo is made of green watercolor leaves and features a cut-out style silhouette symbolizing joy. Nutrition is more than just food - it's the balance of what you eat, how you move and feel, and the energy you bring to the world. For that reason, a harmonious logo design and a cohesive brand should reflect those qualities. 

Get the Green Lotus Growth Logo Design here. 




6. Bold Leaf Three Circles Logo Design


 green wellness logo design for health clinicnutritionist dietician logo sign business


Dietitians are experts on how food affects our health, and they help people understand how eating healthy can help prevent disease and make them feel better - both physically and mentally. This design of a leaf and circles logo symbolizes mind, body and spirit connection and would suit a diet clinic, naturopath, nutrition and health coach who wishes to emphasize these qualities. The inviting combination of warm yellow tones and greens with yellow undertones creates a friendly and approachable feeling. For more unisex, even bolder effect ask us to try a sans-serif font when placing your order!

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7. Nutrition Pear Fruit Logo Design


nutritionist pear logo designnutritionist dietician branding inspo

This fun and fresh design features a watercolor pear fruit logo graphuc and a stencil-like font (which can be changed!) It's a simple design that stands out from the usual diet and nutrition logo designs you see everywhere. Pair it with some amazing watercolor fruit and veg graphic in your collateral / social media to create a modern brand with some artisan vibe!


You can find the Pear Fruit Logo here. 


8. Green Enso Brush Circle Logo Design


green brush circle wellness logo designnutritionist logo design with green circle

A classic brush stroke enso circle logo but this time it's open to accommodate your business name and strapline below. The lively green colour symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and health. 

Enso, a popular symbol of Buddhism and Japanese calligraphy, is made with a single brushstroke that creates an unclosed circle. It's also called the Infinity Circle, Japanese Circle, Zen Circle or the Circle of Enlightenment. The open or incomplete circle represents the beauty of imperfection.


Find the Enso Brush Logo here.


9. Wellness Health Clinic Silhouette Logo Design


nutrition dietician logo design clinicClinical nutrition office diet clinic branding and logo design

This bold and striking design would suit a health and wellness professional specializing in nutrition, diet, weight loss, body enhancement, wellbeing and fitness areas. It's a perfect logo design for a health clinic and it translates well into various media, from digital (websites, social) to print (signage, marketing collateral, t-shirts, etc.). 

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10. Holistic Teal Blue Leaf and Gold Logo Design


Holistic Blue Leaf Logo Design Social media branding for nutritionists, diet coaches, dieticians, fitness, health logo

This teal and gold circle leaf logo is great for any business focusing on holistic approach. This in terms of wellness business means an approach to physical, mental, and spiritual health that considers the whole person in the pursuit of wellbeing. 

The three watercolor leaves positioned in a circle represent an ever-evolving concept of mind, body and spirit. From the nutrition business perspective it's a great way to communicate a behavioral aspect of diet improvements. 


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Check out these awesome color palettes!

Here is a collection of some really great color combinations for your next branding! These are fresh, fun and will surely make any nutrition, health and diet brand stand out. 

Color palette for nutritionist branding  
Dietician brand color palette 
Diet Coach brand color palette 
Diet branding palette





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