Instant Branding Packages Explained

Last month we made some changes to our packages and also simplified the choice as much as possible. While we strive to make it easier for buyers to be able to quickly choose the best package for their needs and budget, we also appreciate there may be some confusion around the choice offered.

In this post we’ll go through each package and answer frequently asked questions so that you get a better picture of what our premade logo design listings offer.


regular package

This package is ideal for anyone launching a digital business, focusing on social media and website presence. The files you will receive are a standard jpg (white background), and a png which has a transparent background. Both of those files are perfect for any website or social media use and may be suitable for small scale at-home print.

While social media branding is not included in this package, you can use or similar tool to create your own Facebook banner or other social media designs using jpg and png files.

So, in short, you get what you see in the listing with your custom text in two formats: jpg and png.

As mentioned earlier, these files are absolutely perfect for any web use however if you’re planning to have your logo printed professionally (for example as signage, labels, stickers, t-shirts, etc.) you will need the PDF or SVG files which are included in all higher packages. We strongly recommend upgrading as most businesses need to print their logo professionally at some point.

Aslo, jpg and png files are not directly editable. You can definitely use a graphic program, manually cut items out, etc. however these are not vector files so they don’t have any layers included. Again, ordering a higher package is recommended if you ever plan to modify layout or colours of your logo elements.


pro package

The PRO package is strongly recommended for anyone thinking long-term about their business but not yet having the budget to invest in additional branding. Apart from the jpg and png files included in the REGULAR package, you will get SVG and PDF files that are vector-based. This means they come layered and can be printed in any scale without quality loss. Unlike jpg or png, vector files don’t get pixelated when enlarged and they are editable: with Adobe Illustrator or similar software you or your printer are able to adjust colors or change the layout of your design with just a few clicks. 

Another advantage of the SVG file is that it can be animated. Imagine the leaves in the above logo moving or flying around and forming a circle! As more social media platforms and websites allow animated objects, it’s a great way to make your brand stand out. Please note animation work is not included in any package but you can commission any animator to bring your logo to life or simply contact us to recommend an animator.

And last but not least - print! Vector-based files are ideal for professional print. Have a look at the examples below. Your imagination is the limit!


brand package

As the name suggests, this package contains everything in the PRO package (jpg, png, svg and pdf files) plus branding design.

What exactly is branding design and what it’s used for?

Branding is essential for anyone wanting to create a cohesive, instantly recognisable look across all their marketing channels. If you look at professional brands you’ll instantly notice they all have a certain style or look they stick to. This comes as using specific types of fonts, having a unique colour palette and photo/graphic styles. The BRAND package is the best option if you look to appear more professional and be able to compete with some established brands out there or stand out in a saturated market.

So what does this package include exactly?

Apart from your main logo, you will receive an alternate logo which is usually your text with no graphic and a submark logo which is usually a round version of your logo. These two extra designs are extremely useful when different logo layout is required - for example limited space on signs, narrow cards, square profile pictures, website or app icons, etc.

You will also receive white versions of the above which you can use to watermark your photos.

Apart from the extra files, a custom color palette will be created for your brand and you will receive a set of color codes to use in your branding. This will be explained in detail upon delivery.

You will also receive information about fonts, a suggested matching font information and a moodboard. The moodboard will be useful to you and anyone who’s going to work with your brand (social media manager, web designer, etc.) so that they get a clear idea of the style to follow for a cohesive, professional look.

A pack of social media icons is also included in this package which is ideal for website or print use and makes any design more personal in branded colors.

All files are great for social media, website and professional print use.


launch package

This professional package is the ultimate all-in-one kit and offers the best value of all packages. It contains everything in pro+brand package PLUS a complete social media launch and a business card design so that you’re ready to start marketing straight away with minimum effort.

To sum up, the files included are again all jpg, png, svg and PDF mentioned earlier.

You also get Facebook and Instagram branding which consists of Facebook banner, Facebook, and Instagram profile pic and a set of Instagram story icons. These icons are very useful if you want to highlight certain stories on your profile (see examples below).

On top of that you will receive three Instagram post templates and three Facebook post templates that have your brand colors and styles added so that you can quickly create cohesive posts directly from - and it’s free to use.

All these designs are custom made for each client and each brand is uniquely different and perfectly in-line with your target market. Our clients love the Launch package as it gives their brand a quick start with a polished and professional look.



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