Mind Body Connect 360 New Logo and Branding


Mind Body Connect 360 is a multi-disciplinary healthcare practice that provides clinical psychological services, peak performance/sports psychological services, comprehensive psychoeducational test assessment, acupuncture, reiki and integrative nutrition.

They came to us looking for a professional custom logo design and branding service, encompassing their multi-disciplinary health care approach and business goals.

The business is designed to provide high quality integrative psychological and health services that treat the entire person from a 360-degree perspective. The practice’s approach is based on the understanding that physical, emotional and mental well-being is best maximized by considering how these variables are interconnected to comprise the whole person rather than approaching them as independent.

Mind Body Connect 360 aims to treat the entirety of underlying causes to resolve health issues at their core rather than focusing on symptoms in isolation. This 360-degree approach heals aspects of the mind and the body utilizing a plethora of approaches from both Western and Eastern methodologies. Grounded in research, this establishment recognizes that healing is maximized when the mind-body connection is considered when determining the best treatment approach.


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Our client already had a clear idea of the type of logo design they were looking for, - a clean and modern take on the popular enso circle. They were looking for a design that reflects the business 360 approach and appeals to a wide target audience. At the same time, they wanted to ensure the design isn't too "clinical" looking, like some of their competitors' branding which seemed too corporate and uninviting. 


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We worked with the MBC360 team over the course of several weeks, first to refine their ideas and to mock-up possible interpretations of a modern enso circle. We designed a set of proposals which you can see below. Our modern treatment of the circle lies in designing multiple flowing shapes in gradients of green and blue, which when overlapping, create a multi-dimensional form. We then created contemporary font pairings and added some gold as color accents. 

Our approach focused on providing MBC360 a  trustworthy visual identity with unified brand assets that convey their multidisciplinary approach.  

The chosen color palette consists of blues and greens which reinforce the ties of natural medicine and modern health practices and promote the idea of knowledge and professionalism. 

The visual elements are balanced out with clean typography and layout which projects the professionalism that every patient can expect to encounter at the health facility.


  wellness branding


wellness branding


wellness branding


wellness branding



wellness branding


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