About us

At pearl&pixel we do things differently. We bring human-centered approach into artist-quality design. What does this mean when it comes to branding? 

As small business owners, we recognise the struggles and challenges associated with running a business when trying to balance personal life with work demands. You know your business inside-out but you may be feeling a bit stuck when it comes to marketing or branding. 

No matter how many marketing blogs or books you reed or how many "guru" podcasts you listen to, the whole "selling yourself" idea may feel a bit overwhelming.

You may be looking at someone else's business and think "I love what they're doing...I wish my business had this perfect look, be so engaging and totally smashing it on social media." Or maybe you're looking at a competitor of yours whose products/services are similar or even inferior to yours, but somehow they seem to be more profitable than you? 

So how do you launch a successful brand without spending a fortune on branding, marketing, strategy and adverts? 

Our mission at pearl&pixel is to help you as a small business owner find your powerful brand voice and lead more fulfilling, profitable career. We support you by offering free advice, free marketing resources and guides as well as a one-stop shop for all your brand design needs.

We believe superior design quality shouldn't come at a hefty price, which is why in 2012 we launched our Instant Branding offer. The idea is to provide you with as much flexibility as possible, putting YOU in charge of the whole brand design process. From standalone logos, to full branding and social media makeovers, we are here to support you with beautiful designs and powerful brand assets.

Fast forward to 2020 and we now have nine team members based in the US, Canada and the UK.



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Working with us

We like to have fun, but we’re serious about results. We have strong opinions, but no attitude. We know our craft, but at the same time we are open minded so we welcome all ideas.