How Your Branding is Made

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At pearl&pixel, your logo and branding go on an incredible journey before arriving as beautiful designs and files, ready for you to begin marketing.  

So how does it work?

1. Once you have placed an order, our customer service expert  - Bobbie, checks through your details and any requirements you may have. She then assigns the order to one of our designers - Joanna, Samantha or Claudia, depending on the type of design and its complexity. You can rest assured knowing your design is being taken care of by an actual artist and not some artificial intelligence robot-type software (yikes!) 🤖 🚫

We never send your design mockup without first inspecting it, making sure the design looks amazing and is error-free (yes, we often adjust each letter manually). If your text is very long or we think there is a better way to lay it out, we will design a second version too, completely free of charge, for you to compare. After all, it's impossible to know how things work, until you actually see them and we're here to make sure they look absolutely fabulous.🤘🏽🤘🏻🤘🏾


2. After your main logo mockup is ready, it gets inspected again by Claudia who is our Creative Director.🕵️‍♀️ She and Bobbie will then e-mail you with your mockup and we'll work together on any amendments or requests you may have. 

Once you are happy with your logo design, we prepare your files and if you ordered the PRO package, you receive a link to download your files and also information on the fonts used and some tips on how to use these files so you can start marketing like a PRO! 🚀


3. If you ordered the PRO+BRAND or the PRO+BRAND package, your design goes back into the studio and one of our designers starts working on several different versions of your logo, your watermarks and also your branding (this is where it gets really exciting!). 🥳

We usually ask you a few questions about your business, who your clients are and any goals so that we can design a brand that matches your vision, is unique to your business and resonates with your ideal client. No two brands are the same (thankfully!) and we're here to make sure your brand not only looks pretty but also provides you with consistency and professionalism across all your marketing channels.

We put together a color palette based on your logo design, business and industry type, client type and any feedback or requests you may have. We choose and match colors using actual printed color swatches (fan decks) and digital palettes to make sure they work great both on screen and when printed. 

We then assemble a style guide using all your logo versions, including watermarks, as well as stock photos and other style reference images to reflect the essence of your brand. All these items are designed into a beautiful moodboard which is your brand bible and will guide you (or anyone you may hire to work with your brand) to always produce consistent and on-brand looking experience. Having a professional brand style guide (moodboard) in place really makes life easier and we provide you with tips and guides on best practices too. 

After your moodboard is ready it gets inspected again 🕵️‍♀️ (yep, we're really obsessed with details!) and then we email it to you for review. If you need us to make any adjustments, we quickly make any amends and once you are happy with the whole design, your files are ready! Again, we send a digital download link, font info, social media icons and some useful tips on how to use your files. 


4. If you ordered the PRO+BRAND+LAUNCH package, there's more! 💎

Bobbie will ask you to provide your contact details and social media links. We then design your business card to match your branding (ispect it!) and send to you to review. 

We also design all your social branding: Facebook cover, Facebook post templates, Instagram post templates and Instagram story icons to ensure they look stunning, are 100% on-brand and ready for you to use. 

You will receive your business card in a ready to print PDF format and the links to your social media assets and templates will be sent to you via email. We use Canva which is free and so you will be able to edit and reuse any assets we designed for you forever. 

Again, we provide you with your files as well as tips on how to use them and are here for you if you have any questions. 

PS. As a bonus, we also send you 10 hand-selected professional stock photos to go with your branding, which you can use across social media and in print. 


Are you ready to rock your brand?



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