All about our instant branding designs. 

We always recommend to get the best package your budget allows. For more information see our handy guide here

We don't currently offer free proofing service however each premade logo design comes with one round of revisions included. If you have any concerns about your business name (for example long name, unusual characters, etc.) simply send us an email / whatsapp or facebook message and we'll let you know what the best option is. 

All our instant branding designs come with the following customizations which are included in the package price: 

- main line text

- strapline text

- color of main line text

- color of strapline text

As we recognise some clients may require extra customizations, we offer extra add ons - please see the questions below.


You can choose an alternate font from the font choices provided in the listing images. You can also request a font that's not shown in the listing but only if you can provide the font file (ttf or otf file) after purchase. If you wish to change the font or to provide your own, please select the Font change add-on from the listing options. 

Font change add-on is just $2.99.

Yes! If you would like to change the color of the logo graphic shown in the listing, simply select the Change graphic color add on and provide your color instructions. This graphic color customization incurs a fee of $59.99

Yes, up to 50% of the graphic. If you would like us to modify the elements the logo graphic shown in the listing, simply select the Modify graphic elements add on and provide your instructions.

This add-on is for anyone looking to order alterations covering up to half of the graphic elements shown in the logo. Some examples include:  adding an extra element to the design, altering shapes of elements shown, replacing some elements with different objects.

If you require modifications of up to 50% of the design, please select the add-on from the listing options. 

This 50% graphic modification incurs a fee of $189.99.

You can read more about it here.

That's great! If you would like to use your existing set of colors in the moodboard (PRO+BRAND and PRO+BRAND+LAUNCH packages), you can simply let us know after placing your order. 

Mockups are delivered daily, Mon-Fri. PRO+BRAND and PRO+BRAND+LAUNCH packages take approximately 3-5 days to complete. 

A moodboard is a style sheet available in our PRO+BRAND and PRO+BRAND+LAUNCH packages. It showcases your branding and style as well as custom color palette with color codes. Moodboards are used internally as a reference to create a cohesive, on-brand look across all platforms. They are especially useful when working with multiple designers (for example web, content, social media, etc.)

All packages include jpg (solid background), png (transparent background), SVG (vector, great for web and animation), PDF (vector, ideal for professional print).

All our files are suitable for both digital use  (social media, websites) and for home and professional print. Please note if you create your own social media assets (banners, etc.) we recommend using a free tool called Canva -

Font files are not included due to font licensing restrictions. You will however receive font names used in your design. 

You will receive files via email as a secure download link. You will have 30 days to download your files. Nothing will be shipped in the mail.

As we understand you may change your mind, we gladly accept cancelation requests placed within one hour of your order. 

We pride ourselves in 100% customer satisfaction. If for some reason you are not absolutely delighted with your final design, we're here for you to discuss alternative options. 

Instant branding is essentially a budget-friendly, quick turnaround offer. You choose one of the premade logos and we customize it for you.  On the other hand, custom logo designs and branding are made entirely from scratch and exclusive to you.

Please contact and we will be happy to assist. 


Have a question about your order? 

Although there seems to be a lot of confusion around this topic, it’s no secret knowledge and the difference is very easy to understand (if explained properly!). There are five basic file formats you may encounter when dealing with graphic design stuff. We’ll guide you through each of those, explaining what they do and how to use them.

Please note eps and ai files are becoming obsolete so as of May 2020 they have been replaced with svg and pdf.


This type of file format has a background (usually white). Its layers are merged and not possible to edit directly. If enlarged, it loses quality by becoming pixelated. You can use jpg in digital (social media, website) marketing.

Best for: social media and website, where white background is best.


Like the above, but has a transparent background (some programs will display this as a grey checked background - this is an indication of a transparent background). If you see a white/solid colour background in one of the png files we provided you with, it’s only your software displaying white instead of the checked one - the background is still transparent.

Best for: social media and website, where transparent background is required.


Scalable vector graphic. Use in any web design, animation work. Can be edited with Adobe Illustrator. Your SVG file may not open with regular Preview on your computer. This doesn’t mean the file is faulty, your computer may not have the right software installed to open it. You don’t need to open this file unless you’re a designer. Only edit if you know what you’re doing. 🙈

Best for: Web design, animation.


Vector-based pdf file, ideal to send to your printer. Use Adobe Illustrator to edit.

Best for: Professional print.

You can upgrade your package within 30 days for just the price difference between the two listings. Simply email us at with your order number and the package you would like to upgrade to. 

If you have lost your files or haven't downloaded them within the required timeframe, we may be able to help. Please note while we do our best to keep all files for up to 3 months, it may not always be possible to recover your design. We strongly recommend downloading the files at your earliest convenience and storing a copy on an extrernal drive or using cloud storage. 

This answer provides help if you struggle with downloading your files - this means saving files to your device using the download link. If your question is about files that you have downloaded but can't open, please see the question below.

1. Please make sure you follow the instructions included in the email containing your download link. 

2. If you are using a mobile device, please try downloading the files to a computer to see if the problem persists. 

3. If you still can't download your files please email with the following info:

- your order number;

- description of the issue (for example error messages);

- a screenshot showing the issue. 

If you can't open certain file types (such as the svg) it does not mean the file is faulty. Your computer may not have the right software installed to open this type of file. For example SVG files can be opened with Adobe Illustrator and you should attempt to edit them only when you know what you are doing. 

If you open a png file with your computer's default program (such as Preview) it may look like the image is all white or like the background is black or checked. The file isn't faulty, it's just how your computer program displays files with transparency. 

Our files are configured in a way that's optimised for social media and web upload. If you're uploading them to a website and for some reason they get rejected please rest assured the file is not faulty, but the website may require your file to be of certain size or resolution. It’s best to check the upload specs for that specific website or contact the website owner/customer support for more information.


Your custom orders questions answered.

Awesome! We can't wait to create something amazing for you. 

Please fill out the custom quote form so we can get started (see next question for instructions)

From the main menu, navigate to the Custom Designs tab. Fill out and submit the form, providing as much information as possible. Our customer service will be in touch within 1-3 business days. 

Our custom services are priced individually as no two projects are the same. To get a quote, please fill out the quote form as outlined in the FAQ above.