Custom Order The Linking Step Logo Design Logo and branding personalized with your text. Logo designed by Pearl and Pixel.
Custom Order The Linking Step Logo Design
Custom Order The Linking Step Logo Design
Custom Order The Linking Step Logo Design

Custom Order The Linking Step Logo Design

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Custom Logo Design with 1 mockup and 2 rounds of 

Mockup supplied by end of day March 4th 2022, London time.   

One round of amends takes 1-2 business days. 

Logo files provided in: jpg, png, svg and pdf format. 

Design mockup brief:

I like the circles from this one as they look like stepping stones with a sense of continuation and the changes in colour give a sense of moving through different stages - I like the colours of these two with purples and blues

the font used in the "radiant wellness" logo with "The" and "Step" with solid font and the word "Linking" with the joined up font

I would like the colour circles as they make me think of stepping stones but in shades of purple and blue instead of the original green and blue. For reference I like the colours used for this logo if that is possible. 
Inside the circle I would like an L and S in gold (the same gold as the font for the business name I assume would be best). I found an image of an S with the Yin Yang symbol as the bottom of the S and I'm wondering if you could create something similar and make it look like the L is like a golden river flowing into the S which flows into the yin yang symbol as if it's the pool of golden water at the bottom. I have attached the S image and a very bad Windows Paint attempt in hopes it makes more sense to have a rough visual. Finally I would like the business name at the right side stacked and "The" and "Step" in the same font as the word "wellness" is in the original and "Linking" in the same text as the word "Radiant". 

Inspiration photos attached. 


Limited refund policy applies. If you wish to cancel your booking you have to contact us by email before 26th August and a 50% refund will be issued within 7 business days. 

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